Here’s a funny argument about designers. Designers can be easily rendered a luxury, an afterthought in a world that is reeling under immense crisis and resource shortage. Especially in the realm of space design, much is already established, prototyped and perhaps human intelligence can be replaced with machines. Hence, here again, the choice remains with the designer. To bring together human and artificial intelligence, to seek new opportunities and to bring together diverse streams for bettered human life and experiences.
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Much to the dismay of all pretty women, this guy’s married to his job. While not breathing down contractor’s necks to meet deadlines, he’s giving pep talks to the team. His ability to get the best out of people is unmatched.
In his free time, he loves to think about the next big idea.
All time favourite quote – “It’s not rocket science”.


Getting things done on time and having the most exhaustive material and human resources database. Wins everyone heart with his most innocent smile. Believes in the mantra that “Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it” and has given many rewarding years to this company with his fruitful work and dedication. Any time of the day or night, you will find him speaking into his headset, taking reports, barking orders and following up progress.


The only thing he changes more often than his designs are his display pictures. A designer by choice and photographer at heart, he is always looking for new impossible angles to shoot from and crazy designs to execute. A multi-talented personality, a smart worker and an explorer.

Two words which define him – Ambitions and Day Dreamer.


A workaholic by nature believes in pursuing his dreams with courage and perseverance, an expert in 3D visualisation. He is capable of creating 3D models in a day. He likes to play games during free time and is always keen to learn new software. A saviour to those who still naive at SketchUp and photoshop. Believes in sharpening his creative skills and doesn’t stop learning something every day.

A designer at heart and spiritualist at the soul looks up to his dad and brother and loves spending time on family outings.

One of the things you need to know about her is that she is a strong-willed person and a great multitasker who manages end-to-end of the company. Not just that, she stands as a pillar of inspiration the way she manages everything but also good in managing numbers and crunching them to the best.

His attention to direct the instruction on paper and get them transformed into real existence-something more or less like a miracle but a much possible one. Technically smart – A much hardworking person who knows his job inside out!

A quiet person by nature, he is ever willing to learn new things, focussing on being productive instead of busy is among his able traits a dependable a resourceful person.

An ardent designer with a keen eye for practicality and detail, Vinod is our go-to person for any technical specifications. He is a perfect example to show a hobby into a profession. With his cap already holding the feathers of Graphic Design, Branding and Photography, Vinod is quite fond of growing with his hands-on experience in many walks of the design field. A caring, amicable and ‘healthy’ person, he could give you tips on gymming, life issues and of course any design problems.


Loud & Vivacious are the two words that describe her the best. Naturally Versatile and a self-motivated person. Extremely curious by nature, she doesn’t mind putting in work to find out what she needs to know.


A vibrant, friendly gentleman carrying a positive vibe. He is loyal to his work and clients. He is always alert, looking forward to making the most of his day. When it comes to work, he is an all-in worker, a well-organised man who loves challenging tasks

This designer follows a unique style of designing. He gives his fullest in every task he does and prefers well-planned work and sticks to the schedule. He likes seeking opportunities in challenges and is always working towards excellence. He also has a thing for fitness, and nothing excites him more than his photography ideas.

Amicable and outspoken, she puts an effort in learning and improving herself every day. She is a user-oriented designer who believes in being thorough with the needs of clients and ensures that she fulfils them. In her free time, she likes to challenge her colleagues for a quick game of Chess and Into the Dead.


This young and energetic architect is always on the lookout for new possibilities and medium of expression. Her obsession with quality, attention to finish, materials and final output comes from dedication to work and passion for design. Her expertise extends to cartooning, sketching and illustrations. Her love for playful interiors effectuates trendy, chic designs.


This passionate and multi-talented interior designer has a sophisticated approach to adding life to any space, making sure that her designs always make a bold statement. Travelling the world and inspiring from different cultures is what helped her achieve a unique design philosophy. She excels in culinary arts and can be described as a perfectionist.


Energetic, chivalrous and smart, this gentleman believes that contacts build relationships and relationships build empires. Dedicated to work and clients, he is a firm upholder of getting things done on site perfectly. He is very particular about the well-being of his team, making him an exemplary team leader.


A fast and a logical thinker. He always has a wide array of execution running through his head. He is well versed in all design implementations and works to wishes of the client into virtual reality.


A calm, humble character with a brave heart who took the risk of shifting his career and chase his dream prioritising his gut instincts to lead. He is very diligent that one can never find him missing out on any task assigned to him, be it a task not so important. This modest man is known for his punctuality, not just among his colleagues, but even among clients and vendors.


Soft-spoken, strong-headed and intelligent, this multitasking Design Coordinator is passionate about fashion and trends, apart from being a thorough project planner and content writer. She is enthusiastic about doing her best at every task she takes up. Spreading positivity and smiles everywhere she goes, she is a health freak who loves to model for a good photoshoot.


A hard worker who knows his job well. He is known for his level of dedication and ability to work tirelessly to meet the deadlines. Anytime of the day, one can find him being active and energetic.


Skilled in his forte, dedicated and hardworking are the best-fit words to describe him. Days through Nights are spent in the site to bring the best thanks to these heart-full people. Their Genuinity is second to none and deliver any task bestowed upon them to the fullest.