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Over the past few years, the definition of an office in itself has changed. Much more informal, more comfortable, more airy and more fun than ever. With people moving more and more away from conventions, it challenges the perspective that is being made. While companies have invested in newer furniture and better snacks, the technological advancements still remain where they were years ago. The most simple things, hassle-free, could be yours in no time. Aimed at improving your comforts, step by step.

Scientifically, desks to improve on postures counting on long working hours. Human health data uses sit/stand data to better understand utilisation and occupancy, especially for shared desks. The comforts in alternating in positions helps in keeping our health in check.

The next generation solution for making a smarter office is to bring voice enabling to the stage. With ideas like Amazon Alexa for business gives us a taster for voice enabling. The service lets employees multitask by using their voice to engage from managing calendars to reporting problems.

Work environment affects productivity. It has a major impact on employee satisfaction, productivity and development. Creating the best possible conditions for employees inspires them through aiding in comforts.

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