Whichever it is home, Office space etc. always come back to basics with monochromatic styling. Monochrome develops imaginative ways of distinctive visual forms and tangible formations applying geometrical pattern. The asexual tone of monochrome emanates the free and innovative vision that drives the design. Monochrome creations are genderless, singular and timeless. The best part is all tones work together. This style exudes a strong sophistication and borrows from the minimalist trend. However, whites-black-greys can get boring also if we have to look at it everyday. To liven the space we have used an accent colour Orange which is also the company logo colour. This way we are incorporating the soul of the company into the interiors


Piramal Realty, founded in 2012, is the real estate development arm of Piramal Group. The aspiration was simple: become one of India’s most admired real estate companies

The aim was to do it just in term With India emerging as an important player on the world stage, we have an  oppurtunity to create world-class architecture, representing the highest standards of design, execution, commitment and customer satisfaction

Built on the foundation of integrity, trust, and transparency our work will always be reflective of our core values of  Knowledge, Action, and Care, creating designs that are responsive to the needs of our customers of scale and profits, but also its impact on lives

Piramal Brief





Glass art 1

Glass art 2

Glass art 3


Layout sections

Commercial Final