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The global leader in digital transformation of energy management and automation wanted an experience centre for people to experience their innovations. Our designers wanted to deliver a futuristic space to match their innovations. The requirements and challenges of the space were analysed. The design evolved from basic forms and was crafted to perfection to exceed the expectation. The concept was developed from “emplekosyrmaphobia”, the fear of tangled cables or wires. The linear arrangement of the wires was depicted in the most artistic way possible and the pattern was arranged in the space in such a way that the attention of the person entering the room would be taken from one display to the other.

To optimize energy consumption when providing lights on all six surfaces of the room, different sustainable modes were designed. To make the experience centre smarter, all the gadgets were integrated to be voice control enabled by Alexa. Any person entering the experience centre will not only have to get to experience their products but also the magical experience of a space completely integrated and is interactive.

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