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A mundane daily life in the office is all everyone has time for today. A teeny-weeny bit of creativity helps in breaking this monotony. But what I being creative is the job? A break routine for designers is the time to apply their design to making something. A belief that when passion exists, the drive is automatically created has been proven time and again in our private area.

Project Details

Client: 10/10 DIY Studio

Date: January 30, 2018

Our DIY is a passion driven place where our ideas are executed to check for the feasibility of a design or an idea, where our stress is relieved automatically with lush green self-driven landscaping ideation, where our office gatherings happen at ease. This area, Our Design lab, a space without market returns, used only for our designers to explore new possibilities show the importance given to not just desk work, but also for us to create new ideas, explore new fortresses, make new products and learn new dimensions of designing
Hindrances like space, material, labour are something our designers don’t worry about. Available at all times, for research and relaxation, the DIY is a much sought after place by all of us.

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