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The Swiss mechatronics company, primarily known for its textile machinery, connectors and robotics products wanted an office space that would reflect who they are and the  three different lines of products and services they provide. What our designers delivered was an integrated design which included the elements of the services they provide in the furniture and the branding, thus keeping the design simple yet unique. The addition of plants along the facade provides a pleasing touch.


Staubli asked for German standard offices. With a vast area of 5000 sqft, we were asked to provide comfortable working spaces for 18 people. The design was asked to be premium considering their working culture. The designers decided to go with minimalism that would reflect premiums.


More than replicating what Staubli had been providing its employees for ages, our designers gave additional features so that this office space would stand out from the rest. The locally available labours were used for the execution of the project.

3. Experience

The space opens up to a blend of electronic, robotic and technological elements with an interactive space in the reception area. The spaciousness and the placements of the displays make the space premium.

Project Details

Client: Staubli

Date: May 6, 2018

A fun yellow is added to the usual white and grey of the office space to mark the difference and break the boredom. Certain elements of the interiors are highlighted either by the products or by the branding.

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