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Man’s ultimate desire is to make his living pleasurable and surroundings comfortable. Therefore, different styles of gardening have come into existence. In this beautification of the terrace, the designer’s dominance in making designs and selection of plant material is very well evident. The landscaping is done in such a way that the building and the garden merge together. The free style gardening is adopted here to provide the client a spot to relax and refresh.

Project Details

Client: Dr. Renu’s Secret garden

Date: May 6, 2018

A perfect English style house. The use of raw bricks, English paintings, the early era furniture used and the jali pattern made with the red tiles speaks of the authentic British houses. Our project was to revive the essence of that era into this home. A subtle mix of the rustic old-charm with the simple urban lines to bring about a classy yet cosy ambience.
The home is decorated with furniture handpicked across a decade from different places. The house is embellished with pictures of the family and very beautiful classical paintings by the client. The house has a superb garden that gives an urban individual an escape into nature. The Home creates a warm, intimate environment that is the perfect setting for magical family moments.

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