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Schneider Experience Center is a profuse luscious multifunctional lab with no compensation to gratifying elegance. This interior is a new touchstone trial in the aspired world of futurism and gentle opulence. The sensual design resonates the fine delectation of a phenomenal studio.


 The client’s main concern for the lab space was to redefine and outcompete the abstract ‘out of the box’ to its extreme stretch pushing the box interior space to its very boundary, still with the lucidity of a gentle workspace gracefully expressed with no compensation.


The electric design lab shows itself as a ‘cable mess’ clothing itself in electrifying shadow-less radiant light flowing with thrilling snarly turns up and about striking all the six faces of the box establishing the space with a futuristic, dynamic and riotous lush.

3. Experience

In a single phrase, One experiences a lab space that senses, acknowledges with total cognisance, responds and interacts sensitively and automatically with no strain. This was achieved with very upscaled Interactive projector, smart lighting, 360-degree shadowless lighting, all automated with Alexa.

Project Details

Client: Schneider Electric

Date: January 1, 2019

Chief significance was that the space showcases the iconic tech giant Schneider echoing justice to its standard, quality, futuristic exclusivity, refined energy efficiency in the commercial lab ambience.
Maximum importance was given to the fluidic pathway of experience and the lights guide them through experience. Showcasing an iconic space is relevant for Schneider, Because the idea was to create futuristic technology and energy conservation in mind.

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