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This holiday home for the client who lives overseas and will be visiting the place once a year or so was quite a challenge as the site was located near the ocean. Hence a lot of care and research went into the selection of the materials and the decors to withstand the salinity and the humidity of the area and to survive very little maintenance.


What was asked was an interior that would stand timeless and provide the client the comfort of a luxury holiday home, while the inspiration comes from indian art yet remain minimal.


The designer did an elaborate research on the material that can withstand the weather conditions at the site and the ones that can combat zero maintenance at the adverse weather conditions. Also the designer extracted the essence of Indian art and curated something custom-made for the client with a touch of contemporary style.

3. Experience

What was delivered was an Indo fusion marvel that will stand ageless over years holding the beauty of Indian art in the Contemporary form. Space would definitely provide the clients with their expectation of a holiday home and will.

Project Details

Client: Mr. Sandeep Shetty’s Residence (Mangalore)

Date: March 6, 2018

India is the land of Art. The kind of design that is involved is a perfect balance of interior design and art direction. A sense of style, an aura of elegance combined with royalty is what it took to make it the perfect Indian home.

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