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Unusual yet Realistic. That’s right. Sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? But what’s unusual about a corporate office? What could be unusual about a space where it has till date been a berth of combined and associated interactions? What could make it stand out from the other counterparts? The main concerns of the client was put out to us in a manner that seemed so simple and yet so delicate and complicated in itself. The design of the office needed something different. But with in the box .Best described, the client needed the “Boundaries of the BOX” to be redefined.


A corporate office is a space that requires comfort at its highest. After all, most of all of our time is spent there. On those chairs and tables, figuring solutions for each of the situations. Conceptual designs of chairs and tables would simply be of no use to those long hauls on the seats. But a conceptual arrangement of the flow of movement would indeed be a good solution. A conceptual arrangement of how the team would be able to interact would be solution that would definitely help them out in their office hours.

But the Space could be unusual. The elements could be unusual. And so, could the identity. UNUSUALLY GOOD. AND YET SO REALISTIC. (TO AN EXTENT OF TIME, SURREAL WOULD BE GOOD TOO)


Keeping in mind the basic functionality of any area / space and providing for the same, wouldn’t it be visually enticing to have a few projections adding to the functionality and multiply the visual appeal in various folds? Projections of the space, to form a multiple faces polygon from a simple polygon was the whole idea to create the variation in depth of the elements in the office. Extended 3D lines forming a shape in itself, is worked into making it look futuristic in terms of design in the most modern formats.

It’s not just the space plan that creates the look achieved. The office was worked out with designer lights for each of the areas. A varied shape, a varied height and a varied form was what was conceptualized to give it the touch that most wouldn’t have expected. A touch of designer lights created conceptually in line with the Design Concept of the office took the space to a standard so different.

3. Experience

A shift from the stereotypical panels, a shift from the straight partitions that demarcate the space in the office was what the concept was decided upon to be. Like every other design, the office started off with a planning that helped in figuring the space demarcations for each of the areas. A basic lookout on the comforts and standards had been brought up into.

Areas were made comfortable for people to move into, seating capacities and facilities looked into. Colors discussed, theme devised. The floor, ceiling and workstations and chairs finalized.

It was important to make the office as comfortable as possible. Now that we had come close to achieving realistic, it was time for the Unusual to set it.

Project Details

Client: ASN SaiNithya

Date: May 6, 2018


Areas that were accessed more on the leisure basis or for non-functional aspects, like the lobby was among the areas that were looked upon to create the WOW factor. Basic shapes were turned into extended shapes. A depth was created on to the walls, reception tables, partitions, ceiling and so on. The designer smartly worked on the best finish materials for those on bulk and kept the conceptual ideas to those areas where attention was needed most. THE MULTIPLE WOW FACTORS. Devised shapes, technologies have been put together to make this office stand up to the reality it needed.
Transforming the shapes of light to innovate something new was a highlight here, Energy consumption being the same as usual regular fittings, but not the regular boring shapes. Being a builder, showcasing experimentation will always catch the attention of their customer and it is impressive that they believe in a change from the reality stereotypes. A variation in technique, size, manner of lighting has indeed made the office look one of its kind. A FAR AWAY AHEAD IN STANDARDS FROM ITS COUNTERPARTS.

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