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Luxury personified.
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A luxury that speaks for itself exuded by the leather and solidwood complimented by the most sober and abstinent depth of the paintings. A one of a kind antiquity in the furniture speaks volumes in less is more.

An amber touch to add to the beauty of the room. Timeless,elegant and honoring of traditions, this style is all about comfort and grace. Medium tone hardwood floors,a standard book case and a stonewall treatment to surround.

Inspiration for a timeless master bedroom through the soft furnishings touched with hardwood posters as well as accessories to meet the pragmatic needs of the family.

Some of the best creations start life as something different altogether.

Creating an indoor/outdoor relationship was very important to understand the flow to imbibe one into the other.

The simple, almost primitive garden belies the glamour of the expansive home that lies behind it, allowing the house and its views to unfold in are strained progression.

Project Details

Client: Dr. Renu

Date: March 15, 2017

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