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OVH Cloud, A global cloud computing and server hosting brand with data centers all around the world. The Bangalore office was transformed to exhibit the brand identity to the customers who visit the office and at the same time create a refreshing new environment for the employees.


To create an office space where minimalistic graphical illustrations are used to communicate and create a brand identity to create an awareness to potential customers, users and employees.


The final design created using a rustic concept infused with some modern elements complemented by splashes of blue along the walls.Our designers achieved a balance between casual and formal through using the open office model.The brand identity was carved into the design by using graphics along the design elements. 

3. Experience

A functional office space was created which is interactive, vibrant and comfortable at the same time.
A customer entering the premises is introduced to the brand, it’s identity and the work they do through the infographics on the way to the presentation room.

Project Details

Client: OVHcloud R&D (India) Pvt.Ltd

Date: December 3, 2020

The requirement by the client was to convert a regular office space into a refreshing new space showcasing the brand identity. The timeline provided for the project was 20 days in which the whole space was transformed. Minimalistic graphical illustrations were made on the walls to showcase the brand and their products and the space was made more interactive to work.

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