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One of the biggest Tech giants, Hewlett Packard, asked for an experience centre to display its latest hi-tech products and an interior that would put their products in the spotlight. What our designers delivered was an edgy design with lights on the floor brings alive the taste for tech gadgets of the individuals who walk in.


Our designers wanted to break the stereotype of a normal experience centre and use human psychology and delivered a design that would capture the human eye and provide movement along the particular direction of new products with the connecting lights and the patterns.


The product details and instructions were provided in the form of infographics to educate people on the new products. The other interior elements were chosen neutral and subtle not to clash with the products displayed.

3. Experience

The vinyl on the glass partition and doors and the brilliant touch of the perfect shade of yellow adds to the interiors. The podiums were designed for the two greatest innovation of the time and were combined with their details in vinyl. With good branding inside the space, the experience centre serves the purpose just right.

Project Details

Client: Hewlett Packard

Date: June 27, 2018

The deliverables were curated by our Graphic Designers who managed to put the space together just right to serve the purpose. The primary focus is on the star products and the curved light directs one from one corner of the room to another. The infographics are educational and convey all the details necessary.

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