Luxury personified.

Traditionally, the design of healthcare facilities has emphasized on the delivery of healthcare that produced functionally effective facilities. But this has psychologically made patients fearful and confused and these feelings impede recovery. So, we at Rubenius make every effort to make the stay at HOSMAT non-threatening, comfortable and stress-free. Also, we have worked to create physical surroundings that are psychologically supportive. Our designers steered their creativity and intuition in the general direction of solutions that promote wellness.

HOSMAT is a well-known, reputed hospital which is over 25 years old. Widely popular for their Physiotherapy department, it is notable that the cricketers stop by for a quick round of check when around Bangalore. We decided to make HOSMAT proud of it and showcase it as one of the best Sports hospitals of India. 

We believe that,

“Interior Architecture has the potential to design interior environments that enable people to undertake meaningful activities that contribute to their well-being”

This defines the Subjective Well Being of the people, which is people’s self-reported evaluations of their lives. SWB also embraces Psychological well-being leading to human flourishing when the design is interactive. Hence, we upgraded the space with interactive design cleverly put together to improve the psychological health of the patients and their participation in the environment.

Project Details

Client: Hosmat

Date: January 17, 2019

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