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The brief was simple – An ambience that would unite fun food with relaxation games – the perfect hideout for the young minds. The feature wall filled with posters with a ceiling filled with quirky dialogue boxes define the essence of the TV room. The framed cycle hung on one of the the walls in the games area along with some funky posters bring life to the space. Finally, a fake window and a door on the exterior wall with few hanging lights to complement the simplicity of design on the outside.

Project Details

Client: The Hideout Cafe - BTM Layout

Date: July 7, 2018

An amazing home turned into a restaurant with the perfect seating arrangement Truly the Place stands true to its Name..!!! The HIDEOUT A carefully planned dining and cafe area that has been created at the cozy back end of the hideout is the perfect spot for anyone to relax. A stately designed, a snug ambience is all that is required for a quiet and peaceful time. Designed using simple articles like spinning wheels, warm lanterns, custom made railings, incorporating the existing landscape into the design seamlessly has made the design a sight to behold and an experience to cherish.
A private sit-out created amidst the cafe is a starkly contrasting yet lightly soothing area that creates a much looked up to and sought after seating space. The landscaping in the sides, the wooden log pergola for a shelter, a pebble and sand floor makes a perfect couple suite. Privacy among crowd guaranteed.

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