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This interesting project required the revamping of living room to reflect the client’s taste. The living room was quite a challenge due to its peculiar U shape and size. The designer wanted to make the room look and feel spacious. Hence any element which was breaking the space was to be removed.


The client wanted to convert his living room into something new that would showcase his taste and style. He wanted his personality to be reflected in the design with a lot of customised specially curated decor options, creative solution to make the room look spacious without the space losing its essence.


The ceiling was given special focus with a designer ceiling of diagonal lines and tiny spotlights placed closely to make the place look enlarged. The pooja unit had to be fit in the living room and hence the the designer picked a dark laminate to go with the dark sofa and tv unit.

3. Experience

The living room was made to look spacious by removing any element that blocked the space and adding additional mirrors at the right angles that would give the illusion of a huge space by reflecting the sparsely occupied areas of the room. The intricate CNC cutting and the bells on the door of the pooja unit makes it exquisite.

Project Details

Client: Hari Nivas

Date: July 7, 2017

This project was an opportunity for the designer to put the creative knowledge to use and transform the space into something beautiful with the functional benefits. What was delivered was a complete transformation, combining the space together using the ceiling and managing to make the room look spacious without compromising on the furniture and the decor elements.

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