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Nandi hills is one of the places Bangaloreans go to escape the chaos of the city.
To relieve stress from busy and hectic life, peoples are rushing towards Nandi hills. Located at this beautiful place is Ground Zero, a must-visit for everyone who goes to enjoy Nandi hills.

Project Details

Client: Ground Zero Restaurant

Date: November 1, 2018

The brief was to create a space which wouldn’t clash with the exterior environment. A huge open space was also asked to provide a place for camping, recreational sports and events. The locally available material was planned to be used to make the cafe sustainable as possible.
The designer kept the industrial theme to a minimum with replicating vintage cars and tractors for tables and also used wood from Rajasthan to make the furniture. The decors were kept minimal and huge windows were placed to provide the connection between the interior and exterior environment. .

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