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Man has been attracted by natural objects like water bodies, mountains, rocks, colourful plants, animals, birds, fishes etc. Landscape gardening is an aesthetic branch of Horticulture which deals with the planting of ornamental plants in such a way that it creates a picturesque effect. There are several definitions and expressions to define this subject. Our landscape designer brought together the essence of art, ornamental gardening, ecology and physiology to provide a space for the people to appreciate the relationship between plant form, colours and buildings.

Project Details

Client: Ground Zero - Landscape

Date: November 1, 2018

Beauty and utility are harmoniously combined in this landscape design of Ground Zero. The area was divided into different parts and plan was conceived for each area. Overall plan was such that the observer catches the entire effect and purpose of the plan without stopping to analyze its parts.
The designer let the garden and building merge into each other. The view of garden from the windows and doors were given importance. Every part of the compound was planned in such a way that it gives surprising effect to visitor.

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