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Luxury personified.
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An ambience created. A provess captured. An image actualized. Subtle yet canny with the lighting makes space deeply penetrating and inviting. A peek into the restaurant from the foyer catches attention in the right sense. A wooden tone with a raw floor in a way to compound the design to a homely yet chic space. The everlasting sass of Dealwood with accents of Spanish tiles and a showy counter makes space elegant and classy. A raw texture of bricks in white with soft yellow lights makes the space carelessly romantic yet plainly elegant. A quiet diner, a boisterous party, a space that can take you to where you want. A combination of varied seating capacity allows the crowd to enjoy the atmosphere. Uninterrupted partitions and ease of movement in the space is an appreciation to the designer to have made the most out of a relatively small space. A Beautiful corner with a tableau of the busy streets of Kammanahalli is a sight to behold for a lone ranger.

Project Details

Client: Fusion Street

Date: May 6, 2018

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