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The diverging space connotes even a workaholic to laze cosily. The tabulated furniture towers up the main gist of the place onto a pensive median. Perfectly articulated for a mix of people, space proves its functionality to the fullest. A peck of colour with a slight sketch adds to the life of the space making it an entirely storied yet a dainty catch in surprise at the entrance.


A luscious green entryway that makes a non-stereotypical lobby. A mind lightening space with artwork and landscape filled with colour adds life to space. A colour filled projection wall complimenting the mellow of the lawn and sprout is the perfect place for a clear-minded discussion. A serene lawn accented with colourful planters adds to the singularity of the space.

2. Experience

The hammock and the swing lighten the mood of people. Custom made dealwood tables with metal legs adds to the fine detail of the space. Conceptualized to be an open and interactive office, space is light, airy and sober. An idea implemented perfectly.

Project Details

Client: Easter Egg

Date: May 6, 2018

The soothing grey tone creates the perfect vibe in the space complimenting the untainted lighting preparing the space for a knuckle down session of a meeting. A vibrant combination of types of seating at the corner of the office eases the work environment clearing the minds.
An interactive office requires open-mindedness the most and the design has achieved just that. A sketchy outdoor with workstation facing the lawn maintains the tranquillity in the space.

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