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A home is forever. The concept of luxury and modernism is ever changing in this era of endless advancements in technology and automation. So how do we create a timeless home? A design that stands bold and fresh when looked at 5 years from now. There has to be a balance between the elements in the space.


As they say, Design must never override functionality. Hence, the designer walked through the design process from the beginning to the end along with the client to understand the client’s needs and made sure that the design covered all the requirements and more

This was the idea around which the house was conceptualized. A balance between minimalism, luxury and modernism to deliver neat and sleek interiors.


The designers delivered 3D renders to help the client visualize what he would be experiencing in real soon. A surprise element of how the end product would look is what the designer intended on bringing and hence he withheld few features, which he was very sure of impressing the clients.

3. Experience

Furniture that is rich in texture and warm in color were chosen calm and collected home. In few spaces, a bold accent color was chosen to offset the starkness of white walls and linens. Ambience is incorporated with decors and colors. Maximum amount of indirect lights and less intensity lights are used to create different combination of moods.

Project Details

Client: Blue Jay Villa

Date: May 5, 2019

A home of high taste, luxury speaking for itself and an unparalleled class would be the most appropriate words to describe the client’s taste. Wood over white, gloss over matte, class over trend were the most emphasized on by the client. The key features in the home for us to understand here was luxuriously cozy. It must WOW all the guests but feel simply at home to the owners. Must reflect the taste of their life.
Thus, the designer achieved in delivering the client’s expectations and more. This project was surely worked along with the client and not just for the client.

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