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After Dark

An inviting bar, a scintillating Terrace, with all the wacky typographies and artwork that comprehends assiduity is an ideation that has been carefully thought of. A shade deeper and darker is what makes this place uniquely its own. Not Violence, Not Rampage. Not Malevolent, Not Nefarious. Just Mischievous. Just Off-the-Wall. The number of paintings that tickle the nerves in your head is aimed at withdrawing the best senses of an ideology as carrying a moral dimension, in that it can be seen to stand for virtues. The sense of illusion, the effect of painting and lighting that complements only darkness brings the morale of light in the darkness. A simplified yet deep thought brings together a combination of monotone, colour, neon with the essence of visibility in the otherwise dark bar. Deep down, Dark is just a depth, a colour. Rubenius Interiors Describes this depth in After Dark through the use of colours, illusions, a tap on the brain at your naughty side with the quirky quotes and nothing else and YES, Here I find you, in all peace and tranquil. And thus this Depth We Call – AFTER DARK.

Project Details

Client: After Dark

Date: July 7, 2018

A subjective word in itself, after dark means many a million things. And for those whose evenings are incomplete without the drinks and dance floor, it means an addition to the name list for you to enjoy them. Known for its happening environment, kammanahalli adds a new feather to its hat of pubs and nightlife.
From the personally handpicked furniture for the best comfort of the customers to small details like thread art through weaving, the shadow art, typography, Neon Lighting, each detail has been meticulously thought of to achieve the best

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