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Amongst the most exotic, the most complex and the most interesting styles of design is one type that stands out yet to be explored even after all the probe and attempt at mastery. The Modern Indian Interior. While most of us try to move forward, a few things from the history that this country is famous for, stands right up. A distinct and clear design, holding the traits of itself from years ago and yet never failing to evolve through with the styles of the century.

An imperative characteristic of the design and style tends to remain in the smaller detail. And not just on the big picture in itself. A reason considered,  for the perpetual beauty in the design..

Rich colour, texture, a collection of brass artefacts is the way towards palatial design inheritance. The dramatic architecture, the moorish stencils and motif art at places least expected, is what makes the design exotic.

An antique Indian sheet, hand-stitched with beading and gold thread, completely transforms a plain room into a vibrant, energetic space. Patchwork pillows handmade from old textiles and the pink beaded sari underneath the ottomans, another vintage item from India, Visually appealing is what Indian design mostly tends to do. It is also important to bear in mind that, a lot of imbalance in colour and texture may cause a visual imbalance. That’s the last thing that we would require to plunder the beauty of the design.

India is the land of Art. The kind of design that is involved is a perfect balance of interior design and art direction. A sense of style, an aura of elegance combined with royalty is what it takes to make it a perfect Indian home. A small Urli surrounded by beautifully placed flowers in grass bed against a grass bed with potted plants is automatically stirring the visual impact of an element as small as a urli.  Such is the case with Brass artefacts as well. Precisely directed positions of these artefacts determine the kind of style the house will take up.

A furniture turned from the imperfections of wood into a masterpiece is often a scenario that tends to become the most eye-catching element of the design. In fact, Indian artists are noted for beautifully turning the imperfections of wood to give out a rustic appearance. A balance in the rich elegance along with a just enough warmth and still stippled into a beauty of its own.

An Indian Design sure does have a contribution into expenses in itself. But which does not? It is also amazingly true, that any element could add an aesthetic appeal into the style as long as it has been based out of a known history of things in our knowledge. A small handmade artifact could hold itself as right into the place as does an expensive designer statue. A small flower of a vibrant colour can make an impact. It is, at the end of the day, how we bend to utilise the resources that we are provided in justifiable amounts.

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