Kolte Patil iTowers Exente, a residential project proposed at the prime location of Bangalore, A gated community of which has immense greeneries and many amenities within campus, is developed to satiate the needs of modern generation people. Deep thoughts have been given to provide the most luxurious essential features in the space.

One such essentially luxurious feature is the ARISTOTLE ATHENAEUM, a digital library experience in the clubhouse of Kolte Patil iTowers Exente. An experience based on catering to every need of a person in the township in the most spectacular manner. A library without books, neither librarian. A peek into theuture. An experience none other has provided.

Any technological milestone presenting in itself gives us a wow factor. But the spectacular from the wow is differentiated with the intelligent user interaction in long term.

The comfort a system provides when it can be self-guiding is secondary to absolutely nothing. Your favorite story, in your pocket as easy as it can get.

The Experience center holds back no opportunity to awe you right before the entrance. Allowing for a spectacular expanse of a kids section to engage them with transparent interactive surfaces and recreational kiosks.

The entrance beholds the eye into a fabulous interactive wall at the entrance. The experience thus begins. A wall to touch, a symphony to watch, a lounge to browse, a kiosk for you in particular is just the beginning of your experience in the space. Virtual Mannequins, Parametric Speakers speaks volumes on the experience that follows ahead.

The interactive walls give a new definition to virtual reality with features like leap motion and parametric speakers. The wow has almost thus become spectacular.

A cocoon with a quiet area is all that a reader wants. And that has exactly been thought of keeping in mind the different uses of the space. A high table, A group read, A private reading space, amphi seaters, smart boards is just naming the most breathtaking experiences in the space.

A seat at the window or a lounge seater of your choice, a High table surface interaction or a group table surface interaction, an interactive browser or an individual kiosk for your experience is your choice. Nonetheless, the space is all set to change your WOW to SPECTACULAR. Are you?

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