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Inspired by thoughts of the pride of London Bangalore sought to incorporate a one of a kind café in the environment that logs into the category of one of the most stressful jobs in today’s scenario.

A strategically zoned café built to accommodate the football frenzies in the office paired with strong geometric patterns have certainly transformed and established the interior of the cafeteria.

A strongly conceptualized interior through the ideation and architecture of a football stadium sliced through to yield to us the best way of utilization of the café. The open floor plan carefully pulverized from a whole by the use of custom furniture and flooring.

The innovative Design Project establishes an emotional connection between the structure, product, materials through light effects, contrasts, and perspectives. A dugout, a merchandise selling experience that replicates the locker room, a gaming zone and café with provision for double sided projector.

A final result of the tie-up between the leading business giant and a very much sought after football team is a dreamlike undulating expanse of a blue landscape of hovering elements each unique in shape thanks to the wonders of the strongly conceptualized design.


  • Give it your definition. Make it yours
  • Let the food talk first
  • Old posters and new interiors? Hell yeah!!
  • No can’t do floodlights just because they are themed like a stadium
  • Popcorn and sausages?? No! No! Nachos and sausages it is!!

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Your Cafe must be the one go-to place for any sport. A one sports cafe tends to patronize much better than the ones that have a common liking to all spots ( NOW TRUST ME YOU WANT THAT EXTRA COMPETITIVE EDGE TO DO BETTER) Also, remember how they say bonding happens over food? (YOU CAUGHT ME SLY OUTRIGHT)…This increases your footfall. You don’t want two sports events (MAJOR) clashing.

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