We see them as our partners, our collaborators. They are the reason for our growth. Our raison d’etre to outdo ourselves, every single time.
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Our Clients

Backed by the biggest
names in the country 

Rubenius has served more than 15 strategic investors across the world, encompassing the leaders within the financial and technology ecosystem who are uniquely placed to help drive adoption on a global scale.

By leveraging world-class products and services we have built the brand of experience design. Our ideas have helped them stand at the forefront of innovation and creativity.

This influence has made a positive impact on brands and in turn has fueled the consumer’s expectations. Thus, we have inspired them to realize their potential and create amazing experiences.


Mr. Anshuman Ray

Mr. Anil Kumar

Mr & Mrs.Vinod

Dr. Renu Arora

Mr. Ramachandran

Mrs. Radha Thomas