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Amidst the quaint streets of HSR Layout, the Mediterranean sun has found an unlikely home in the newly established Bonum Cibum. Bonum Cibum has soaked the Greek walls of Mykonos with a rich, earthy glow. Polished, teal colored walls serve as a backdrop for a layering of materials and details inspired by the sun. Design Studio Rubenius interiors uses the cobbled streets as the primary informant for the interior design elements: in collaboration with the classic architecture by the Mediterranean Sea. Every corner has been considerately devised with the crux of the glorious, effulgent culture.

Bonum Cibum invites its customers with a twinkling, quintessential façade, complete with magical fairy lights which opens into the intensely hued and picturesque diner. The interiors of this contemporary eatery are heavily influenced by al-fresco cafes and the joint gives off deliberate Delphic vibes. The reference to the Sun is conspicuous as every material included in the design is transformative – responding to light differently throughout the day. Even on the greyest Bangalore day, Bonum Cibum is a narrative landscape of the Mediterranean coast. The flush of warm yellow is deepened by rustic natural wood furniture. The playful mosaic stamped flooring snakes through the interior like a coastline and responds to the deep jewel tones of the teal and grey chairs. The energetic materiality of Moroccan tiles and patterns is the red thread throughout the space, as pendant light fixtures orbit the service counter and tables and the classical white framed façade and kitchen door ornamented by antique finished accessories reflect a golden glow.

Responding to the diversity of the Mediterranean coastline, design elements such as the characteristic stucco walls, the delicate ornamental detailing and the arched doors and windows have been plucked from the vernacular architecture that resides there. The elaborate, handpicked décor such as the vintage street sign boards, spice bottles and ceramic tableware complete the domestic, homely ambiance. Referencing the rich cultural aesthetics and the sun-drenched landscape, the restaurant is transformed into an inviting space in honor of the sea.

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