Alexa, let there be light!

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Everyone must have known about this home automation experience with the help of Amazon’s Alexa. We decided to ease the interactive lighting experience of Schneider’s Experience centre using Alexa and smart lighting by Luminac to increase customer awareness and engagement with your smart devices.


Alexa’s rich, multi-device experiences allowed us to set three sustainable modes – Vacant mode, Experience Mode and Occupied Mode. When you ask Alexa to turn on the Demo lab, the Experience mode is activated and the entire lab is lit up. When asked for Work Mode, the Occupied mode is activated with spot lights lit up showcasing the products on the display. And all the lighting systems are shut down when Vacant mode is activated.


The functioning of the lab can be further automated using Alexa’s Routines and Groups. Using Routines, one can trigger a series of actions from one or more devices using a single voice command or automatically in response to a sensor change or other device trigger.

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