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What is design? It is a service, a commodity and an aspiration. Space design is often perceived as a solution within a shell or the shell itself, when it is in the process of being designed. It is bound by factors of money, time and function. And operating within these parameters, designers deliver solutions and spaces. But Rubenius, while operating within the same frameworks of commerce, deadlines and client-briefs, attempts to address larger life-goals, physiological and psychological conditions that spaces and built-environments can endow and control. These include notions of happiness, work-life balance, evolving needs, eccentric and niche functions; thereafter comes the responsibility of anticipating the needs of the future.

What is our goal as designers? What is the goal of Rubenius?

Rubenius, like most design firms, began with projects pertaining to stringent budgets, to regular space design and then branched across to branding, corporate styling, and product design and so on. While these still pertain to providing a solution, service or a tangible product, Rubenius currently focuses on health, happiness and designing for a cause. And finally bringing to the fore ’Experience Design’. Experience Design takes into account multiple perspectives pertaining to the brand, and in the case of Rubenius, the elements of the space, and its impact on the people associated with it. Here, the final product is important, but even more important is the larger purpose of the product, the lived-experience that comes with it. It brings together cross-discipline perspectives which require individuals from various vocations and expertise to collaborate and come up with innovative solutions.

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