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What is design? It is a service, a commodity and an aspiration. Space design is often perceived as a solution within a shell or the shell itself, when it is in the process of being designed. It is bound by factors of money, time and function. And operating within these parameters, designers deliver solutions and spaces. But Rubenius, while operating within the same frameworks of commerce, deadlines and client-briefs, attempts to address larger life-goals, physiological and psychological conditions that spaces and built-environments can endow and control. These include notions of happiness, work-life balance, evolving needs, eccentric and niche functions; thereafter comes the responsibility of anticipating the needs of the future.

What is our goal as designers? What is the goal of Rubenius?

Rubenius, like most design firms, began with projects pertaining to stringent budgets, to regular space design and then branched across to branding, corporate styling, and product design and so on. While these still pertain to providing a solution, service or a tangible product, Rubenius currently focuses on health, happiness and designing for a cause. And finally bringing to the fore ’Experience Design’. Experience Design takes into account multiple perspectives pertaining to the brand, and in the case of Rubenius, the elements of the space, and its impact on the people associated with it. Here, the final product is important, but even more important is the larger purpose of the product, the lived-experience that comes with it. It brings together cross-discipline perspectives which require individuals from various vocations and expertise to collaborate and come up with innovative solutions.

Sleepless nights

Our Culture


The whole is larger than the sum of its parts, said the noted philosopher Aristotle. The same is applicable at Rubenius where collaboration is the key to harnessing the maximum potential of an organisation lies in its people. Rubenius understands that each person brings to the table unique skills as well as limitations and aspires to bring out the best within each individual and sharpen their skills. Efficient collaboration enables one another to fill in gaps, reduce workload, and allow effective problem-solving and innovation.


The world is getting competitive by the day and Rubenius believes maintaining a healthy mix of challenge alongside creativity to keep its individuals motivated. Innovation is a highly prized attribute that helps the workplace and the workforce. And it is imperative that for a company that prides itself on being a thought-leader in all aspects of design, must imbibe innovation as a fundamental quality at its grassroots.


All work and no play undeniably leads to dull boys and girls. Play is what ties together collaboration and innovation allowing not only rejuvenation but also find new ways to get the creative juices flowing. The idea of play is not limited to fun and games but the opportunity to use the drawing board as a prospect to innovate. It could be using the site as a canvas for new ideas. Whatever the challenge or design brief be, Rubenius believes in approaching the bigger picture with a playful yet pragmatic approach.

Our Studio


During its inception in 2013, Rubenius encompassed a built-area of 1050 sq. ft. with 15 trees and a green area that covered 1000 sq. ft. The studio at Rubenius today has a built-area of 2500 sq. ft. and the green area has increased to 4000 sq. ft. with 29 trees. It also houses 2 dogs, a cat and some bats and birds alongside 24 humans. For reasons for function, practicality and play, there’s also a shuttle-court, area for pottery, carpentry room, some organic farming and a fish pond


A design studio reflects its ethos and is also a canvas to showcase the immense potentials that the studio offers. Rubenius offers a wide spectrum of solutions of which design and sustainability is a major component. The studio imbibes this principal within its built-form as it responds to local climatic and site conditions. The studio envelopes existing trees within its structure. Water-bodies with fish prevent mosquitoes from breeding and Neem trees act as insect repellents and improve air quality.


Rubenius is transforming lives at micro as well as macro levels; from the smallest unit being home design to intervening for smart cities. The studio operates within this wide scale of inspiration and change. While the studio inspires its clients, it also drives its people and enables them to perform at their optimum. Rubenius boasts of significant employee retention. Beyond innovation and productivity, the studio focuses on goals such as happiness and work-life balance.

Our Factory


Our factory is the backbone of all operation and innovations at Rubenius. Rubenius prides itself on offering customised and tailor-made solutions to design which are conceived on the drawing board, created in the factory and finally executed to precision on-site. Experimentation becomes the norm and the sky’s the limit to new possibilities.


Rubenius offers one-stop solutions to all design requirements. We understand that every project and its requirements are unique and we refrain from using mass-produced or standardised cookie-cutter solutions in our projects. We can do this because our factory enables us to create products and solutions with endless possibilities.


The factory enables strict quality checks and efficient production. And in case any product has glitches or snags, we can rectify the same effectively. High accountability is another virtue that is endowed by the advantage of the factory. The freedom to customise, quality-control and end-to-end solutions have been vital in establishing Rubenius as a leader in thought-driven design solutions.